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Chester Wu, MD

I am a psychiatrist and sleep specialist in Houston, TX, board certified in both Psychiatry and Sleep Medicine. After training at Baylor College of Medicine and Stanford University School of Medicine. 


I established and directed the medicine program at the Menninger Clinic before starting my private practice where I provide medication management, psychotherapy, and sleep medicine services to adults.

As a solo practitioner my clients have direct access by phone, text, or email for ease of correspondence between appointments.

My practice philosophy is to first conduct an assessment and discuss impressions and potential treatment options. I am conservative with the utilization of medications, However, I recognize that they can and do help many people and I will recommend them when indicated. 

I can provide psychotherapy as a stand-alone treatment or in conjunction with medication management. One of my specialties is working with insomnia through CBT-I and/or medications.

Aside from my practice, I am a medical reviewer for Rise Science and Everyday Health.

In-person or virtual appointments

Free 15-minute initial phone consultation

Some insurances accepted* (see below)

Bright Room

Consultations, medication management, and psychotherapy for all psychiatric conditions including anxiety, depression, ADHD, PTSD and more.


Please click to read more about specific conditions and structure of appointments.

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Dr. Wu specializes in the diagnosis and management of insomnia including CBT for insomnia (CBT-I) and sleep medication management/tapering.

Dr. Wu is also able to offer at home sleep apnea testing, CPAP management and treatment of many other sleep disorders.

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Insurance & Payment

Dr. Wu currently accepts United Healthcare, Aetna, Oxford, and Oscar Health for psychiatric services

All other insurances and services are out of network. Payments accepted include Zelle, credit and debit cards, health savings account (HSA), and flexible savings account (FSA) debit cards. Card information will be securely stored for session fees.


If you wish to submit a claim to your insurance for reimbursement, an invoice can be provided. Please check with your insurance company for your specific mental health benefits.

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